Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ruby Slippers Caper

I’m sorry to report that a pair of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” was stolen recently from a Grand Rapids museum. Evidently, the thief entered through a window and smashed the glass display case holding the slippers. Most of my friends know how much I covet those slippers -- but, honestly, I DIDN’T DO IT!

Still, I admit being tempted to steal them once. While visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum several years ago, I spotted the ruby slippers gleaming at me from a glass display case. After leaving the tour, I couldn't stop thinking about those legendary shoes. I wanted them for my very own! A colleague of mine felt the same way. But we didn't resort to stealing. Instead, we began writing a script about a group of children who outsmart Museum officials by substituting a fake pair for the real slippers, then having a change of heart.

Please believe me. I’m not guilty of this dastardly deed.


  • I'd investigated alot of crimes before but I knew Tucker didn't do it, she was a good egg. She worked the movie beat out of Colorado. I met her once at a screening for a movie I forget now, she wore blue, and I wore black. I faded into the woodwork and smoked until intermission then I slipped out the back. I had to get back to a case I was working involving a widow who wanted revenge on the guy who killed her husband. What was the name of that movie again?

    By Blogger Chris Mansel, At 12:33 AM  

  • Snazzy comment, Chris. Or should I call you by your real moniker, Sam Spade?

    Either way, you're the bees knees.

    By Blogger Betty Jo, At 7:10 AM  

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