Sunday, January 19, 2020

Call 911!

Below is my latest klutz report, and it’s a true story. Honest.  

I want to give a big shout out to the six EMTs who responded to my husband Larry’s 911 call a few nights before Christmas last month. The team who came to our house included five men and one woman -- all brave enough to save me after I slipped in our step-in bath tub and couldn’t get out.  I was trapped for about 45 minutes in a small space (about 2 feet by 2 feet) for an agonizing 45 minutes. I couldn’t move one way or another.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Larry gave me the top of my pajamas, which I was able to put on backwards – and a bath towel to cover the rest of me. Although in a state of panic, as soon as the team arrived, I started laughing and couldn’t stop. One of the team members said, “At least you didn’t break your giggle box.” 

That made me laugh even more. One huge man climbed over the tub and with the help of another team member wrapped a harness tightly around my chest and arms. Then they hoisted me up and out of the tub.

I asked the team if this was their first “step-in tub” rescue – and they all nodded “Yes!” So I promised them I would share the experience on various sites in honor of their bravery.  

Looking back on this incident, I think it would have made a very funny “I Love Lucy” sketch. Too bad there’s no video to document what happened.   

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Surprises & Snubs: 92nd Annual Oscar Nominations

 I found two pleasant surprises and three unpleasant snubs in the Oscar nominations list this morning. Below is my poem of explanation.

There are nine Best Pictures on the list
but Gerwig as Director missed.
It’s five men’s names all we can see.
So how did this snub come to be?

But KLAUS gets recognized at last
for animation. It’s a blast!
And Johansson earns two nods here.
That’s a reason for fans to cheer.

Why is Lupita without one?
In US her work was so well done.
And THE FAREWELL must say goodbye
No Oscar nod. They sure did try.

Just another awards event.
2020 – it came and went.
For statuettes we must await.
February Ninth -- don’t be late.

Here’s the IMDb link with all the nominations:

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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

My Favorite Movies of 2019

I’m so pleased to find the recent article I wrote about my favorite films of 2019 listed as the number one popular article in AuthorsDen’s “Arts and Entertainment” section today. Thanks to the readers who checked out my article and commented on it.

As always, a movie goes on my list if I want to see it over and over again. I also admit to being the world’s most avid movie musical fan, so it’s no surprise that two musicals are included. But the rest of the list is quite genre diverse. It contains a drama, a classic remake, a mystery, a romantic comedy, an animated movie, a dramedy, a documentary, and an historical action film. 

After the end of the list, I’ve awarded several Honorable Mention movies as well as favorite scenes/sequences of the year plus a favorite movie quote.

Find out which movies made it to my top ten list and why by clicking on the link below.

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Monday, January 06, 2020

Birthday Poem for Sue from Mom and Dad

Why do we love our daughter Sue?
She cheers us up when we are blue.
Her heart of gold is open wide.
Her lovely soul can’t be denied.

Entertainer? One of the best.
Her clever wit passes the test.
Helpful and kind she tries to be.
She even suggests good T.V.

The food she brings we love to eat.
Her rice and dressing can’t be beat.
Happy Birthday, our dearest Sue.
Big hugs for everything you do!

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Friday, January 03, 2020

Just Mercy

It’s a treat to watch Jamie Fox and Michael B. Jordan bring their star power to an important film like Just Mercy.  This Warner Bros film, which is  based on a true story, opens on January 10, 2020. It’s rated PG-13 by MPAA.

On death row, an innocent man
has lost faith that anyone can
help him prove he is not guilty.
All he wants now is just mercy.

From out of town, a lawyer new
studies his case and finds a clue.
Still, prejudice stands in the way.
Racial attitudes hard to sway.

Fox and Jordan become those two.
Splendid acting these men both do.
Just Mercy tells a true story.
It matters, folks. Be sure to see.

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Monday, December 23, 2019

Midnight Star

Happiness is a Christmas-present poem by my favorite film poet. Thanks so much, Richard!

Midnight Star
by Richard Jack Smith

A critic shouldn't merely reflect
What's easy for others to detect.
Betty Jo Tucker realigns
As the filmmaker captures and designs.

Her poetry expands and enlightens
Just as a scene brightens.
Her legacy dazzles as the midnight star
It reaches out to us from afar.

Studying the path least taken,
her words boldly awaken
concepts at the core
of human experience we cannot ignore.

A calm and welcoming neighbour
Taking stock of cinematic labour.
The film altered by such perception
A hero without the deception.

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Friday, December 13, 2019

A Scary True Story

I know superhero movies are all the rage now. But for me, it’s more enjoyable viewing films about real-life heroes like Rob Bilott, a corporate defense attorney who took on a powerful chemical company with a record of environmental pollution. That's what Dark Waters is all about. 

As luck would have it, Bilott is played by Mark Ruffalo, an actor known for portraying The Hulk in recent movies. Unlike that superhero, Bilott doesn’t rely on physical force to deal with the bad guys. Instead, he uses brains, persistence and compassion. Ruffalo projects all that in this informative legal thriller directed by Todd Haynes.

Because Bilott’s job involves defending corporations, he can’t imagine himself taking on a case involving pollution by a big company. However, his grandmother asks him to help a friend who can’t get anyone to listen about what’s happening to his farm since a landfill next to him became a DuPont dumping ground. Chemicals from that dump are leaking into a body of water his cattle drink from, and his animals are dying.

As Bilott finds out more about this situation, he can’t say no. But little did he realize his battle would go on for years, and that it would involve much more than cattle as well as serious problems of his own.        

Watch “Dark Waters,” but be prepared
to get angry while being scared.
A true story, it tells the tale
of poisonings without a jail.

Stopping these deaths a lawyer tries.
His research reveals many lies
told by DuPont about their work.
Dangers in their chemicals lurk.

He takes on this case and the fight.
It’s not easy to do what’s right.
He and his wife face problems too.
If you were him, what would you do?

Courage and strength are required here.
Persistence helps to conquer fear.
Mark Ruffalo always comes through.
This role offers him something new.

He feels the part and does his best.
The Hulk in him gets needed rest.

Director Haynes moves the film along rather slowly, but there’s lots of complicated scientific information to cover – and it can’t be understood if presented in a hurry. Although Ruffalo carries the major acting burden, he’s helped by Anne Hathaway as his worried wife plus Tim Robbins and Bill Pullman as two sympathetic lawyers.

Dark Waters reveals how greed, corruption and indifference can devastate the environment, cause fatal illnesses,  and ruin people’s lives. It’s a very scary story.     

(Released by Focus Features and rated “PG-13” by MPAA.)

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