Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Key

Oh, Happiness! Pursuing you

is something I will always do.

But I just saw a film so rare

and filled with folks who love to share

their happiness in many ways

despite their pain faced on most days.

Pursuing Happiness – the name

of this movie destined for fame.

Don’t miss this chance to find the key

to Happiness. It’s a must-see.

(For more information, please go to the film's official site at:  

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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Spotlight Wins Best Picture Oscar

Expose the Sin

Find out the truth and tell it all

no matter who must take the fall.

Reporters learn of priests gone bad

and cover-ups that make them mad.

A search for facts behind the crime

consumes their work for a long time.

Spotlight the film reveals all this.

It’s one movie you should not miss.

Boston Globe folks deserve our praise.

And so to them a glass I raise.

Some future kids might now be saved.

That’s why I wrote this poem -- and raved.

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