Friday, February 23, 2018

Something's Afoot

Documentary, mockumentary -- and now socumentary!  Director Brian T Shirley has invented a new film genre with his amusing Two Go in One Comes Out: A Socumentary. It’s a short film starring Shirley as an investigative journalist trying to solve the missing socks mystery. Who hasn’t wondered what happens to all those socks that seem to disappear so frequently? And that’s probably why this little movie made me chuckle through every scene. Of course, Shirley’s ability as a talented entertainer helps considerably!

Watching this comic gem motivated me to write the following poem.

Two go in, only one comes out.

So what’s this film all about?

This socumentary presents

a mystery with fun nonsense.

Missing socks puzzle a worried guy.

to find the answer he must try.

He works hard to solve the case.

He questions subjects face to face.

Cleverly made and funny too,

this film is one that you should view!

(For more information about Two Go in One Comes Out: A Socumentary, go to the IMDb website at this link

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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Fun Tap Dancing Film

Everyone loves to cheer for the underdog. If that underdog happens to be a wannabe tap dancer, I’m the loudest cheerleader of all. No wonder I’m so excited about Dance Baby Dance, written and directed by Stephen Kogon, who also plays the leading role in this delightful independent film. Movies about tap dancers don’t come along too frequently nowadays -- so whenever one shows up, I’m a happy camper.

The plot is simple. Jimmy (Kogon) always wanted to be a successful tap dancer but an injury has confined him to an office occupation. He’s never lost his passion for tap dancing and now hopes to be chosen for a touring dance show. Kogon endows Jimmy with such likability that we can’t help wanting this guy to be successful. Do his dreams come true? It’s worth watching Dance Baby Dance to find out. 

Although a low-budget offering with less than perfect production values, this film makes up for that with its great heart and passion for dance.

As a former tap dancer myself, I felt compelled to write the poem below. 

Just tap tap tap that old time step.

Give it pizzazz and lots of pep!

Or shuffle off to Buffalo.

It feels so good if fast or slow.

Then shimmy with real style and grace.

Remember this is not a race.

Next do some wings like it’s a dare.

Feet a-flyin’, hands circling air.

Tap dancing chases blues away.

It helps you get through every day.

So tap tap tap as time goes by.

Dance Baby Dance” will make you try

(Released by Indie Rights/Winds of Hope. Not rated by MPAA.)

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