Sunday, July 25, 2010

Warming Up for National Dance Day

Get ready, everyone, for National Dance Day next Saturday, July 31st! Lace up your worn-out tap shoes or dust off your old ballet slippers or put on your stompin’ boots and prepare to perform whatever dance moves make you happy. You might even prefer a barefoot hula or an old-fashioned twist while wearing any footwear at hand.

As an avid tap dancing fan, I plan to start out the day with a shuffle off to buffalo into the kitchen for breakfast. Then right before lunch I’ll perform my waltz clog while the soup heats up. The afternoon will probably be devoted to a variety of time step routines. And after supper, I’ll try to dazzle my hubby with some intricate soft shoe moves.

To finish off the day, watching one of the following DVD movies would make me very happy indeed: Tap, Mad Hot Ballroom, Footloose, Invitation to the Dance, Shall We Dance, Take the Lead, Dance Flick, Only When I Dance, Dirty Dancing, Happy Feet, That’s Dancing!

What are your plans?

(For more information about National Dance Day, go to:

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

It Had To Be Us Again

Entertainment journalist and publisher Diana Saenger calls It Had To Be Us “the little book that could.” I think she’s referring to the way this short romantic memoir my husband and I co-wrote (under the pseudonyms of Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence) keeps getting a new life. Diana’s company (SANDS) first published It Had To Be Us as a paperback in 2001, then Laura Mills-Alcott of The Romance Club turned it into an E-book, and now Long Story Short Publishing accepted an expanded version which will be available soon on Amazon’s KINDLE.

In this latest reincarnation, It Had To Be Us includes an amusing new honeymoon revelation plus a section devoted to some of Harry and Elizabeth’s favorite romantic movies.

It Had To Be Us won first place in the E-book category at the 2006 Hollywood Book Festival. It also earned a coveted Psyche Award nomination and a 5-Hearts review from The Romance Studio the following year.

Thanks to Denise Cassino of Long Story Short Publishing for her belief in the continued appeal of our real-life story about the power of love.

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