Sunday, October 13, 2013

GRAVITY Seems Almost Too Real

Gravity, an exciting thriller set in outer space, stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts trying to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space. This unique movie contains breathtaking visuals. While watching the film, I felt like I was actually floating in space or suffering through the mishaps depicted so brilliantly on screen. The cliché “edge of your seat” seems too mild for this thrilling space adventure that combines technical magic with strong emotional pull. Clooney portrays the wisecracking Matt Kowalsky, a veteran astronaut who loves being up in space and telling stories to entertain others. Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a medical engineer on her first mission. Ryan can’t help being nervous, and adding to her emotional state, she’s still mourning the loss of a child. Although Clooney does a fine job in a role that’s perfect for him, it’s Bullock who won my heart. Because of Bullock's exceptional likeability and the intensity of her performance, I had no trouble empathizing with Ryan and quickly became deeply involved in scenes showing the terrifying crisis situations she faces. In fact, Gravity becomes a kind of "Perils-of-Pauline-in-Space" story – but one that feels almost too real. No wonder Bullock has zoomed to the top of so many Oscar wish lists. Seeing this film in 3D would probably be best. However, if you’re like me and have trouble adjusting to that process or suffer from migraine headaches, by all means see the digital version. It’s still a memorable viewing experience!

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Monday, October 07, 2013

Debate Coach Extraordinaire

I was very pleased to read in The Sunday Chieftain that Myra Ellen Jenkins will be one of the inductees into the Central High School Hall of Fame on Saturday, October 12. She definitely deserves this honor! Myra Ellen taught at Central from 1943-50 and served as the debate coach there. It was my good fortune to be a member of her debate team. Myra Ellen motivated us with her passion and intellect, which resulted in most of the debaters working extra hard preparing for debates. We learned so much from this extraordinary woman! And she also made our field trips quite exciting. I still don’t know anyone else who can change their stockings while driving! Although Myra Ellen Jenkins passed away back in 1993, I remember her vividly and with great affection.

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Doing The Time Warp Again

Award-winning actor Barry Bostwick reminisces about The Rocky Horror Picture Show during Movie Addict HQ’s annual tribute to that bizarre cult classic today on BlogTalkRadio. Barry also talks with Alan Levy, co-founder and CEO of BlogTalkRadio, concerning the popular midnight shows connected with this outrageous movie. Bostwick, who played “Brad Majors” (Susan Sarandon’s naïve boyfriend), speaks candidly about his experiences connected with the film -- including weather problems, what it was like working with Sarandon, his favorite scene in the movie, and much more. Get ready for Halloween early by joining in the fun this afternoon at 4 p.m. Eastern Time! Or listen to the archived segment anytime after the live episode. Click on the link below for more information.

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