Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Beautiful and Hypnotic Film

THE FOUNTAIN is an artistic masterpiece. This stunning, elegant movie co-stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz as characters representing eternal love and the struggle between death and immortality. Because it highlights such esoteric elements as mysticism, spirituality and symbolism, this unique film may not resonate with some viewers. But I found it hypnotic and almost painfully beautiful.

Delivering the most memorable performance of his career, Jackman plays three different roles here, although these men have the same soul and are all tied to the character portrayed by Weisz. Tom, the main role played by Jackman, is a research scientist trying desperately to find a cure for his wife Izzi, a woman dying from cancer.

The film jumps back and forth among the 15th, 21st and 26th centuries, so it takes a bit of patience to figure out what is going on, which involves a book titled THE FOUNTAIN that Izzi is writing and wants Tom to finish for her. Fortunately, that posed no problem for me, mostly because I was completely amazed by the incredible visuals while trying to connect the storyline dots.

Should we fight death or calmly accept our mortality? Is it more important to spend time with our loved ones than working to save them? Can love conquer all? Heavy-duty questions, for sure, and not ones we expect to see explored all at once in a movie. But THE FOUNTAIN takes them on with artistry and grace.


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