Friday, September 04, 2009

Make It Happen

While discussing the possibility of Olivia, her Young and the Restless character, pairing up with Kristoff St. John’s Neil on the popular TV soap opera, Tonya Lee Williams teased, “Make it happen!” As one of Tonya’s many fans, I would like to see her wish come true.

This two-time Emmy nominated actress is delightful to talk with. During her recent interview on Movie Addict Headquarters, Tonya revealed fascinating details about her acting career, including the surprising way she obtained her longstanding role on Young and the Restless, her reactions to a new assignment on Canada’s edgy The Border, what it was like working with Danny Glover in their Poor Boy’s Game movie, and her work as Executive Director of ReelWorld Film Festival, a Canadian Non-Profit Film Festival dedicated to promoting cultural diversity in front of and behind the camera.

Listen to Tonya’s entire interview by clicking on the link below.

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