Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Accentuate the Positive

Here are two comments about Photo Adventures in Cuba by Judy Krings that pique my curiosity:

Janice Taylor, a life and wellness coach, says the book overflows “with gorgeous photos and spirited text that will activate and energize your ‘upward spiral,’ feed your soul, and bring a smile to your face.”

Martin Seligman, a professor of psychology, claims that Judy Krings “brings the strengths and virtues of Positive Psychology to life.”

If you’re curious about Cuba as well as about how to unlock your power of positivity, checking out Judy’s book with all its wonderful photos and inspirational stories might be right up your alley. And, if you buy Photo Adventures in Cuba today, lots of interesting bonuses are available for you. Here’s the link: http://bit.lykswdv4/

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