Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Great Page-To-Screen Potential

In the opening chapter of Diana Saenger’s sizzling New Year’s Eve Club romance novella titled Deadline: Romance, five old college friends reunite during one New Year’s Eve and hold a fascinating discussion about the characteristics their “Mr. Dreamy” must have. They promise to meet at the same time next year to report on progress in finding such a creature – or better still – to bring him with them. But Emma, one of these friends, worries about ever accomplishing that goal, for she suffers from COPD – which cramps her style considerably where anything romantic is concerned.

Because of Saenger’s skill in drawing us into Emma’s world, we can’t help wanting the best for this smart, compassionate journalist who has become a national media person as a result of talent and hard work. And we very get excited for Emma when she meets Daniel, a multi-millionaire internet whiz “who’s on almost every financial magazine cover.” Sparks fly between Emma and Daniel during their first meeting, which just happens to be an interview Emma has been assigned to conduct for a San Francisco newspaper. Much to Emma’s surprise, Daniel seems as smitten with her as she is with him – and their romantic relationship kicks into high gear. But as we all know, the road to true love can be rocky indeed. So after some very sexy interludes, Emma worries about their future together. And Daniel must prove that he really is her Mr. Dreamy.

Saenger has given us two unforgettable main characters in this well-written, highly captivating romantic novella. Once I started reading about them, I couldn’t stop until the end. In fact, they cry out for a film treatment! Hollywood, are you listening?


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