Thursday, April 02, 2015

No Biz Like Show Biz

If you love show biz, please put My Hi-De-High Life by Peter Keogh on your must-read list! In this wonderfully entertaining memoir, the author recalls funny and sometimes shocking adventures of his life as a producer, stage manager, prop master, tour guide, dresser, night watchman and usher at various Australian and London venues. 

As the world’s most avid movie addict, I particularly enjoyed Keogh’s revealing descriptions of fascinating behind-the-scene situations involving so many stars of the Golden Years of Hollywood, including Debbie Reynolds, Carol Burnett, Raymond Burr, Peter O’Toole, Liv Ullman, Eve Arden and more.

Growing up gay in 1950s Australia was no picnic for Keogh, but he did more than survive. Even his later unlucky experience during a court case could not bring him down. Although parts of his life have been painful, Keogh clearly revels in his show biz activities. The book comes even more alive when he writes about the stars he’s come in contact with. For example, priceless is the only way to describe how he started out as a Debbie Reynolds fan, became her friend, and then the producer of Irene, her popular stage production in Australia.

Happily, Keogh writes with a breezy, chatty style that helped draw me into his world. It’s a real treat to read a memoir so genuine, amusing and candid as My Hi-De-High Life!

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