Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Going to the Movies: A Slapstick Comedy

Once upon a time last Thursday morning, an elderly couple named Betty Jo and Larry decided to see a movie at their closest multiplex. This was surprising since they hadn’t been to a big-screen theater for many months. They stopped at the concession stand, bought a large tub of popcorn, and received two courtesy cups of water. So far so good.

Then after entering the darkened theater, they found it difficult to walk up the ramp to the screen area, but they managed to make it to the end of the incline.  Hooray!

Next, they turned and saw foreboding stairs they would have to conquer to get to the seats they wanted. Bravely, Larry said, “You stay here at the bottom and I’ll take the water up to our seats and then come down and get you and the popcorn.”

Betty Jo agreed and watched Larry slowly accomplish that mission. Happily, he returned to her and took the popcorn, saying “Now you follow me – but be sure to use the hand-rail.”
She followed his instructions – all the time watching Larry to make sure he was okay. As she turned into the row where he had picked out the seats, she saw Larry sit down – and couldn’t believe the popcorn began to fall all over his head and chest! She hurried to him and salvaged as much of the precious popcorn as she could.

They both settled down to enjoy their treat and wait calmly for the movie to begin. A few minutes later, they heard a CLINKING sound. “What was that?” Betty Jo asked Larry. “Nothing – just my car keys,” he grumbled.

So for the next 10 to 15 minutes, they were on their knees trying to find those darn keys (remember, it was a darkened theater.) Finally the keys appeared and made their way back into Larry’s pocket.

All this happened before the movie even started! Larry said, “With our luck today, it will probably be a dud.”

Thankfully, the film was one of the most entertaining ones they had seen in a long time. It was Disney’s live-action version of Beauty and the Beast.

I love a happy ending, don’t you?

(Dedicated to Donna Ware, my wonderful sister-in-law, who needs some cheering up right now.) 

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