Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Got the Horse Right Here

With the Kentucky Derby coming up this weekend (May 5), my thoughts have been turning to films about racehorses, and Secretariat keeps popping up in my mind. Of course, central to this story of the greatest racehorse of all time are the racing sequences. 

Cinematographer Dean Semlar deserves credit for giving viewers a chance to view part of one race almost the way the jockey sees it as well as for fascinating shots of the horses inside the starting gate. Moments before a particular race begins, Secretariat seems to be giving one of his most important challengers the “evil eye” and vice versa. 

Details like this enhance the movie’s visual appeal. And, even though I knew how each race would turn out, I couldn’t help feeling excited as the powerful thoroughbreds thundered down the track. No wonder Secretariat ranks high on my list of all-time favorite racing films!  

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