Sunday, June 04, 2017

Film Review by Pamela Jaye Smith

Thanks to Pamela Jaye Smith, author of ROMANTIC COMEDIES: These Films Can Save Your Love Life, for the following review of the short film Cake: A Love Story.   

Want to watch a dramatic yet heart-warming romance? In Cake: A Love Story, Harry and Elizabeth are tentatively reuniting twenty years after their divorce after a twenty year marriage. The passing of years has brought their young idealism back to the fore -- and those early fires of attraction? They’re still there! It’s advance, retreat… advance, retreat… until both dare to cross the chasm of years on the bridge of forgiveness. Elizabeth and Harry renew their promises with new-found wisdom and the joyful realization that romantic miracles can happen at any age.

Ah…the one that got away. Most of us have regrets about the romantic past and desires for a do-over in love. When Elizabeth and Harry meet up again, we watch them go through those awkward first moments when dancing around the old feelings, testing the waters to see if they’re still even warm, and the glorious discovery that the fires – no matter how many years have gone by – are still hot. Given the past heartache, will both of them dare to try again? Cake: A Love Story is an encouraging film and an inspiration to those who still yearn after many years for that special Love that got away.

This short romantic film embodies the criteria for classic love stories in its Idealism -- former spouses still holding the youthful images of each other from the Summer of Love; Joy -- realizing that even a simple touch re-opens the gates of fond memories; Integrity -- treating each other with respect regardless of the differences behind their divorce twenty years ago; and Passion -- without that, it’s just friendship. With Passion, it is the cosmos in a kiss. So should you get together with your Ex? Cake: A Love Story shows how well that can work.

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  • I can hardly wait to see this film! Your excellent review left has me ready
    to buy my popcorn and let the magic unfold. Personally, any film about
    love already has me; I am a pure romantic at heart!

    By Blogger Joy of The Judy Joy Jones Show, At 12:41 PM  

  • Thanks for your comments about Pamela Jaye Smith's review, Judy Joy Jones! I think it's such a perceptive description of this short film -- and I especially love her last paragraph.

    By Blogger Betty Jo, At 12:58 PM  

  • What a lovely review of a lovely movie. I think Pamela Jaye Smith nailed it. This story takes us to that "what if..." place many of us have for an old flame. As the publisher of the book, I watched the film last night! I laughed and cried all in the same scene. Lovely film, perfect casting and very authentic feel. I loved it.

    By Blogger *******, At 9:29 AM  

  • I am more excited to see the film than ever! Great review!

    By Blogger Unknown, At 7:01 AM  

  • Thanks for your enthusiastic comments, Theodore DeVito!

    By Blogger Betty Jo, At 5:09 PM  

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