Saturday, November 05, 2005

Praise for LSS Writing Classes

Denise Cassino, director of the Long Story Short School of Writing, reports that enthusiastic reviews are coming in from the first group of LSS online students. Below are examples of student comments about instructors and classes.

“I am taking Janet Wellington's "Pitch Perfect" class and loving it. She delivers oodles of necessary information and communicates well with her students. I highly recommend this class and teacher!”

"I had so much fun with The Reel Deal: Writing about Movies. The lessons were varied, never boring and helped me to look at movies in a different way. Betty Jo (Tucker) was awesome and I can only hope that she'll teach again. I'll take any course she offers! Only complaint: The class is too short! "

"I found Jane Bernard to be a very dedicated and caring instructor. I got great feedback in Write On! Re-Writing Your Own Work and would definitely take another course!"

"I really enjoyed Flash Fiction Workout. Jennifer (Mills Kerr) gave me great feedback, and I believe that I can revise all of the stories I wrote for submission. I will probably submit some of them to Long Story Short! I learned a lot and I'm very happy I took the course."

“I was very impressed with this class (Writing Fiction Express). Lea Schizas’ advice was concise and helpful. She gave honest, constructive criticism in an encouraging way. Particularly amazing to me was her ability to give help across various genres. Only complaint: the class was too short!”

To read the rest of the comments, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. Director Cassino invites prospective students to check out the curriculum page also. “There’s no time like the present to advance your writing career!” she says. Classes begin weekly.


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