Monday, December 26, 2005

Regards to Broadway

Oh, how I wanted to see The Producers on Broadway! Sadly, I never had the chance, but thanks to the magic of movies, my family and I enjoyed the highly entertaining movie version on Christmas Day. Happily, the camera did not cut away during any of the big musical routines, so we were treated to each terrific number from beginning to end. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are hilarious together as they try to put on the worst play in the world, Springtime for Hitler, in order to make lots of money on a flop. If it closes on opening night, the two men will not have to pay back the money invested. As good as Lane and Broderick are here, Will Ferrell almost steals the show as a funny, maniacal Nazi playwright. And Uma Thurman surprised me with her considerable singing and dancing talent in the role of a buxom blonde who offers her services to the producers. If you missed the live theatrical production, be sure to see this crazy and loveable movie treatment. Also, sit through all the end credits to hear a bit of advice from Mel Brooks, the creative genius behind The Producers in all its forms.


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