Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Cinematic Possibilities

Surviving domestic abuse, Lori Forsyth manages to forge a new life for herself in “Strong Arms of the Law,” a riveting novel by Vickie Kennedy. Like Kennedy’s “The Hidden Truth of Cytech’s Randall Forty,” this story cries out for a film adaptation.

I think “Strong Arms of the Law” would make a very successful Lifetime movie. Why? Because it’s of special interest to women and boasts some exceptionally romantic – and very steamy! – love scenes. The timely story focuses on an emotionally and physically wounded woman who suffered horrible brutality at the hands of one man and finally escapes his clutches, then moves to another town. While working as a waitress there, she meets handsome policeman Tony Lanier, who becomes quite smitten with her. But Lori feels she can’t trust anyone, especially men, and harbors secrets she fears to share. Reading about the true love that develops between these two fascinating characters emerged as the highlight of this well-written novel for me, and I couldn’t help picturing Natalie Portman and Aaron Eckhart as the appealing lovers in the movie version.

“Strong Arms of the Law” also delivers a valuable message about the devastation caused by domestic abuse. But it offers hope in the form of a heroine who finds the courage to take action and begin anew. For more information about this intriguing book, go to

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