Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pre-Oscar Jitters

Only one more day until we find out who wins those coveted golden statuettes. As always, I'm on pins and needles because I fear my favorites might not win. We already know Daniel Day-Lewis is practically a sure thing for Best Actor for his powerful portrayal of that ruthless oil tycoon in "There Will Be Blood." I even found myself picking him over my all-time fave actor Johnny Depp (please forgive me, Johnny!). But most of the other categories seem up in the air to me.

By the way, did you know there are no new movies starring Johnny Depp being released during 2008? Bummer. Still, he has three in production for 2009. He plays John Dillinger in one of them. Maybe he'll get another Oscar nom for that role. I think he's destined to win an Academy Award or two in the future for his marvelous acting, don't you?

Back to this year's Oscars. I hope one of Alan Menken's ditties wins in the Best Song category, but I'm worried because Menken has three songs nominated ("The Happy Working Song," "That's How You Know," "So Close"). Remember the same was true of "Dreamgirls" last year, and a forgettable tune from "An Inconvenient Truth" won. Go figure!

I think it would also be a shame if "Ratatouille" lost out to another movie in the Best Animated Movie category. Still, stranger things have happened on previous Oscar nights -- such as Grace Kelly winning for "A Country Girl" instead of Judy Garland for "A Star Is Born." Sometimes there's no justice in the world.

I'll stand up and cheer for any awards given to "Juno." What an absolutely perfect little film. And I almost feel as supportive for "There Will Be Blood," "Michael Clayton," and "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" -- all three are wonderful movies. My biggest fear? That "No Country for Old Men" will walk away with almost everything. I couldn't get into that violent picture anymore than I could follow the pretentious "Atonement."

Okay. I'm glad that's off my chest. Sharing all this has helped me calm down a bit. However...

Dear Oscar, please don't disappoint me too much.

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