Thursday, September 20, 2007

Making Music and Movies

Combining his passion for both music and movies, Vohn Regensburger has created “Last of the Romantics,” one of the most unusual love stories I’ve ever seen on film. It’s no wonder I’m so excited about interviewing him on my “Movie Addict Headquarters” BlogTalkRadio show next Tuesday, September 25, at 2 p.m., Mountain Time.

“Last of the Romantics” is Vohn’s feature film debut as both a writer and director for the big screen. It’s a satirical, yet poignant look at a failing composer obsessed with his legacy under the climate of today’s culture. The movie has already won a number of awards including Best Feature Film at New York International Film Festival and Best Romance Feature at Hollywood HD Festival. Vohn also won Best Director of a Feature Film at the New York International Film Fest, and his score for “Last of the Romantics” has been nominated as Best Film Score at Moondance.

Vohn grew up in a musical environment playing the cello and guitar. After making his first student films in high school, he studied acting at the University of Creighton and music composition at the University of Colorado. A composer of many genres and styles, Vohn has written various works in classical, choral, jazz, Brazilian guitar, and film music

Listen to Vohn Regensburger talk about “Last of the Romantics” by clicking on the BlogTalkRadio link below on September 25 at 2 p.m. Mountain Time. His interview will also be accessible as an archived segment after the live broadcast.

Sorry, movid fans! Because of technical difficulties, Vohn Regensburger's interview is not heard in this MAHQ segment. Instead, you'll find me raving about him and his wonderful film. Vohn has been re-scheduled for the November 6th program.

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