Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Humorous Haunting

While reading Jim Gilbert’s very funny novel, "Hosts of Ghosts," I found at least one laugh in every paragraph of its 243 pages. I also couldn’t help thinking what a great comic movie it would make. Of course, as a film critic, I look for the cinematic potential in everything I read.

Just imagine how the following story would look on screen:

Writer Sam Martin, a single father trying to raise his young son and maintain his career, faces some very unusual obstacles, to say the least. Son Peter is gifted (or cursed?) with the ability to call up and command the spirits of the dead. Adding to his problems, Sam has decided to move into a haunted house – and he’s attempting to keep all this from his new girlfriend, who just happens to be the local law enforcement officer. The titular “hosts of ghosts” pester Sam relentlessly. They keep him from sleeping, play practical jokes on him and interfere with his budding romance. How I would love to see Jack Black playing Sam in the movie adaptation!

Are you listening, filmmakers? To order a copy of this supernatural adventure comedy, which won the 2001 Dream Realm Award, go to the publisher’s website at

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