Saturday, July 05, 2008

Meet Joanne Ross

Joanne Ross, our newest contributor to, loves the cinema. I became aware of her passion for film while reading her assignments for my LSS School of Writing online class, “The Reel Deal: Writing about Movies.”

In fact, I could hardly wait to add Joanne to our roster of film critics. When asked to send in a short bio for the site, Joanne came up with a very witty submission. Here’s the opening paragraph:

Joanne Ross loves movies, and has loved them since she was a little girl—maybe earlier. There are times she’s convinced she was born clutching a pair of ticket stubs with one hand and holding a bucket of buttered popcorn with the other.

Joanne doesn’t just watch movies, she experiences them. As explained in her first assignment, she “lives vicariously through them.” Her love for movies inspired an equal love for acting and theater which led to studying acting and taking courses in film history and film studies.

About her philosophy as a film critic, Joanne says, “I'm not really sure I want to entertain readers so much as engage them to think about the movie and hopefully, help them see how the techniques and conventions of film making, as I understand them in my limited way, are used in any given movie to tell the story, convey meaning, and engage their emotions.. Of course, I hope I don't bore them in the process.”

After reading Joanne’s reviews of movies like No Country for Old Men, Stuck, Savage Grace, My Kid Could Paint That, it’s quite clear there’s no danger of her boring anyone.

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