Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miracles Can Happen

With A Place Called Angel Falls, new author Robin Lynn Grasso offers readers the touching story of how a teenage girl overcomes loss and feelings of depression through the miraculous power of faith. Once you start reading this novel, it’s hard to put down.

Clearly, Grasso must have faced tremendous obstacles in her own life. Because she fills the pages of her story with such poignant descriptions of her heroine’s emotional distress, I don’t think it could have been written with such depth unless the author knew something about suffering. Considering Grasso wrote A Place Called Angel Falls when she was sixteen years old, this book is something of a miracle itself.

A Place Called Angel Falls introduces us to Rose Lovett, who was once a happy and hard working high school student. But a car accident changed all that. Rose’s mother died as a result of the crash, and Rose is having great difficulty adjusting to life without her beloved mom. She hates going to school now, and even resents it when her friends and teachers ask how she’s doing. She can’t relate to her father, who has his own way of dealing – or not dealing – with his wife’s death. She has no appetite, finds it hard to study and questions her faith. Then one day Adam, a new student, enters Rose’s school and takes her under his wing. It’s inspiring to read how Adam helps Rose regain her faith and her natural joy. Their interactions by a lovely waterfall are especially well-written.

Many high school students going through problems similar to those dealt with by Rose Lovett should find this book helpful as well as fascinating to read.

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