Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ideal Presidential Tickets for 2012

Attention, Democrats and Republicans! My husband has come up with the ideal presidential ticket for each of our major political parties. In fact, he woke up in the middle of the night to jot down the inspirational suggestions below.


Candidates: Barack Obama for President and Oprah Winfrey for Vice President.
Qualifications: Obama -- four years as President plus his half-white racial background. Oprah – could finance entire campaign and secure the Hollywood vote.
Key Appointments after Election: Congressman Rangel as Secretary of State because “he can see the UN from his New York office.” Vin Diesel as Energy Advisor. Why? “His name just sounds right for the job.”


Candidates: Sarah Palin for President and Rand Paul for Vice President.
Qualifications: Palin – two years as Alaska governor plus extensive tours of the United States to sign her “Going Rogue” book. Paul – a fresh face from Kentucky who could secure the Southern vote.
Key Appointments after Election: For Secretary of State, Glen Beck, “a visionary who can see things others cannot.” For Energy Advisor – any Texas Republican would do, “especially that guy who apologized to British Petroleum.”

Bi-partisan food for thought, right?

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  • Hahahahaha that is hilarious guys! Good strategy for world domination Grandpa Larry!

    By Blogger leslie, At 7:18 PM  

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