Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stop Playing Safe

Described as a “guidebook for greater courage and success,” Stop Playing Safe by Margie Warrell is designed to help readers make changes they have been putting off and move their careers onto a new path of success and fulfillment. Rave reviews are coming in about this important book! For example, here is what one executive has to say about the author and her work:

Margie has an exceptional gift with helping people see things from new, bigger and more constructive perspectives. She will help you identify your barriers to success, and find the courage to take the steps needed to achieve your true potential. -- Sylvia Work, Verizon

Stop Playing Safe sounds like a "must-read" for anyone who wants a more rewarding career and life.

For more information plus a list of great bonuses (full disclosure -- one from yours truly), please click on the link below.

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