Sunday, July 20, 2014

James Garner, RIP

I feel sad about the recent passing of actor James Garner. He was so watchable on the big or small screen! Although Garner delivered my favorite performance in Murphy's Romance, many other movies come to mind in which he excelled -- The Notebook, Maverick, My Fellow Americans, The Great Escape, The Americanization of Emily, Victor/Victoria -- and the list goes on. His TV work always impressed me, but The Rockford Files belongs in a class by itself. I could watch all of those episodes over and over again. And I have!

It's no wonder Garner became so popular and received acclaim for his excellent understated portrayals. Below are some of the honors he received.

An Oscar nomination for Murphy's Romance.

Three Golden Globe Awards (Most Promising Newcomer in 1958, Decoration Day in 1991, Barbarians at the Gate in 1994)

Two Emmys (Rockford Files, Promise)

Garner appeared in many different types of films. But when asked if he would ever do a nude scene, he replied, "I don't do horror movies."

We will miss this talented, likable actor. My deepest condolences to his fans, friends and family. 

Thank you, James Garner, for the many hours of pleasure you have given us at the movies!

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