Friday, September 23, 2016

A Remarkable Film Starring Antonio Banderas

Through the magic of brilliant cinematography and gorgeous location shots, Finding Altamira takes us back to the 1800s in Spain during a time of conflict between religion and science. It tells the story of Marcelino Sautuola (Antonio Banderas), an amateur archeologist who owns the land where mysterious paintings are found in one of the caves on his property. Marcelino and his colleague Juan Vilanova (Nicholas Farrell) believe the art was created by humans much earlier than anyone ever suspected. Unfortunately, this belief does not meet with approval from the church or from other scientists. Plus, Marcelino’s wife (Golshifteh Farahani) cannot fully support his theory because of her religious beliefs, which causes family problems. But his darling little daughter (Allegra Allen), who first sees the cave art, stands by him. I hope this remarkable film will be remembered during the 2016 awards season.

Altamira hides works of art.
And finding them is where things start.
A little girl falls in a cave.
Then looking up, she’d like to rave.

Her father sees the pictures too.
He wants the world to know they’re true.
But forces stand against this man
and plot to wreck his earnest plan.

Banderas nails his crucial role.
We cheer the man’s most worthy goal.
The film itself pleases the eye
with lovely sights that make us sigh.

Don’t miss this one if you like art
or movies filled with lots of heart.

(Released by Samuel Goldwyn Films; not rated by MPAA.)

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  • I will go see it thanks to your excellent review and poem! Looking forward to it!

    By Blogger Sam Smith, At 5:51 PM  

  • Thanks, Sam Smith, for your encouraging comment. I think you will enjoy Finding Altamira!

    By Blogger Betty Jo, At 10:58 PM  

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