Sunday, May 22, 2005

Horse Sense

Horrified, I watched Afleet Alex stumble while trying to pass Scrappy T in the Preakness race yesterday. My gasp joined thousands of others from viewers witnessing this televised sporting event. If Afleet Alex fell, would he and his jockey be mortally injured? Would other jockeys and their mounts suffer similar fates while trying to avoid the accident? These questions ran through my mind as I jumped up from the couch to get a closer look. Miraculously, after Afleet Alex dropped to his knees, he sprang back up and won the race by 4 and three-fourths lengths.

“He picked himself right up, and after that I knew he had it won,” said jockey Jeremy Rose, a first-time Preakness winner. “He’s an amazing horse. I’ve never seen a horse stumble like that and then win a race like this.”

We can all learn from this spunky steed. When we’re knocked down, just get back up and finish the job. Wanna bet a movie about Afleet Alex’s incredible story will soon be in the works?


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