Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Less than Perfect

“What movie are we seeing today, dear?” my husband asked as he changed from golf duds to film-going attire. “The Perfect Man,” I yelled through the bedroom door. “Oh, it’s the story of my life then,” he hollered back at me. How I wish he’d been right! That would’ve been much more intriguing, I’m sure, than Hilary Duff’s new movie, a plodding romantic comedy without any life or sparkle to it. (Read the full review at


  • Today I got in the mail two dvd's that I ordered from
    Ghsost of Rwanda made by PBS and the series Frontline and The Incredibly True Story of Two Girls in Love. That is my plan for this evening some reality and a bit of escapism. May we all find joy in what we do and do it well.

    By Blogger Chris Mansel, At 6:59 PM  

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