Friday, June 02, 2006

Ian McKellen Steals Two Big Movies

One of my favorite actors, Sir Ian McKellen, managed to steal two recent blockbuster movies, The Da Vinci Code and X-Men: The Last Stand. He delivered wonderful performances in both films, adding a touch of class to each production.

I had the good fortune to interview McKellen a few years ago during his PR tour for Richard III, a film version of the Shakespeare play. Instead of the elitist Shakespearean actor I expected, McKellen was very easy to talk with. He described growing up in an area of England where he attended live theater productions three times a week, which probably explains his great love for the theater over film. However, by serving not only as the lead actor but also as executive producer for Richard III, McKellen claimed he gained a new respect for making movies. Recognizing the need to include American film stars to make his movie a more bankable production, he talked about casting Annette Bening and Robert Downey Jr. in the roles of Queen Elizabeth and her brother. Although Richard III was not a big box office success, it won considerable critical acclaim.

I am pleased to see Sir Ian McKellen now achieve the financial as well as professional success he so richly deserves.


  • What did you think of the movies? I thought they were both middlin', but none of that was Ian McKellen's fault, that's for sure. He was the main spark of life (some might say only spark of life) in The Da Vinci Code. Both movies were lucky to have him.

    By Blogger LVJeff, At 3:35 PM  

  • Hi, lvjeff!

    I agree with you about X-Men: The Last Stand, but The Da Vinci Code worked for me. I liked it much better than the book. Although it's far from being a movie masterpiece, the film held my interest and I loved those location settings. Also, believe it or not, I wasn't too distracted by Tom Hanks' new hair style. :-)

    By Blogger Betty Jo, At 5:25 PM  

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