Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sorry, M.Night

I'm a big M. Night Shyamalan fan who has loved all his previous thrillers, but Lady in the Water lacks his usual brilliant storytelling talent and filmmaking skill. In fact, I found it downright annoying.

I could barely understand Story, the title nymph, because she mumbles and whispers so much of the time. Shyamalan usually presents intriguing characters in his films, but in Lady in the Water, they are just plain boring, and most of the actors seem to be reading their lines. Believe it or not, Shyamalan gives the best performance as one of the important humans Story must contact. Surprisingly, he is better as an actor than a filmmaker here. His bedtime fairy tale was not suspenseful, scary or magical to me. In some parts it reminded me of a bad home movie. Even the ferocious creature coming after Story looks like a fugitive from an Ed Wood movie.

Thanks to my husband for giving me permission to conclude this blog entry with his observation about Lady in the Water: I smell dead box office.


  • I'm actually relieved to hear your response. I've strongly liked most of M. Night's movies, too, but I found The Village weak and wondered what his next movie would be like. I'm sad to say that Lady in the Water became the first movie I've ever had the urge to walk out of. I still say that what he needs to do is direct someone else's screenplay. He's a very good director, but his writing quality has been dropping badly lately.

    By Blogger LVJeff, At 2:59 PM  

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