Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Johnny Depp Named Screen Legend

Johnny Depp, along with eleven other terrific actors, was inducted into the MAHQ Screen Legends Hall of Fame during yesterday's "Movie Addict Headquarters" radio show.

That's good news for Depp fans like me! We admire the way he takes the most bizarre roles and always makes them appealing to audiences. Long before Hugh Jackman sported Wolverine's deadly claws, Depp's Edward Scissorhands captivated viewers. And he didn't stop there. Whether playing a very squeamish Ichabod Crane, a Don Juan wannabe, a reclusive author, a roguishly eccentric pirate, or a demon barber, Depp never missed a step. In Pirates of the Caribbean, he proved how an actor's awesome talent can make even incredible special effects and funny action sequences pale in comparison.

Yes indeed. Legendary is the word for this extraordinary actor.

To find out about the other honorees, click on the link below:

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