Thursday, April 01, 2010


Most teenagers are happy if they get to see as many movies as possible. But three teens in the United Kingdom are actually involved in the filmmaking process. Toby Stubbs, Adrian Bliss and Benjamin Robbins have decided to make a movie based on Jules Verne’s almost forgotten novel Clovis Dardentor.

During a recent interview on Movie Addict Headquarters, Toby explained why he and his two friends became so interested in this particular novel. He talked about the book’s focus on adventure as well as its sometimes comic undertone. “It’s not a sci-fi story requiring the usual Jules Verne special effects,” Toby pointed out.

Many other people are pleased about these plans for a new Jules Verne film. In fact, actor Stephen Fry has already agreed to appear in the movie version. Several British actors, including Ian McKellen, Rowan Atkinson, Joanne Lumley and Jude Law have also offered their support.

Toby mentioned the innovative financing program set up for Clovis Dardentor. “We’re offering fans the chance to become producers and have their names displayed in the end credits,” he said.

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