Saturday, April 02, 2011

Remembering Grandma Mayer

Although my beloved Grandma Mayer passed away in 1971, memories of her fill my mind this month. Her birthday falls during the first week of April, but that’s not the main reason I’ve been thinking about her so much lately. I recently re-discovered a manuscript she wrote about early Colorado history and am eager to see it published.

Edna Irene Mayer (maiden name: Brown) taught for many years at Undercliff, a one-room schoolhouse in Colorado’s Pueblo County. Married to prominent rancher Rudy G. Mayer, she also helped with ranch duties in addition to her teaching assignment, which included working with students in all grades and subjects. Because of her interest in early Colorado history, Grandma Mayer researched the subject thoroughly, then recorded her findings in EARLY HISTORY OF THE HUERFANO RIVER VALLEY TERRITORY and INTERESTING ARTICLES ON EARLY COLORADO.

I think Grandma Mayer’s manuscript deserves to be available for readers who want to know more about the history of Colorado, so here’s hoping I’ll find a publisher interested in this important project!

(Edna Irene Mayer was born on April 7, 1885, and passed away on November 16, 1971, at the age of 86.)

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  • Ah yes, Grandma Mayer, a true pioneering spirit. I remember days on the ranch which did not have electricity or running water and the huge Tom turkey that chased us into the outhouse! The sound of the cows on the porch at night and our riding horse, Dutch, who wouldn't stop once he got going and tried to bite whoever was getting on him. The Mayers were a great family and didn't hesitate to treat me, a step grandchild as one of their own. My time spent with them gave me a true understanding of the "Old West" and the ranching community. To this day, my heart is still with the animals and the land.

    By Blogger Ruella Anderson, At 11:07 AM  

  • Betty Jo - I wish you the best of luck with finding a publisher. It's so nice to have such fond memories of your grandmother - who, like you, was a writer.

    If I were you, I'd start looking for Colorado publishers who publish books about the state's history. If you can't find a book publisher, maybe your local paper will be interested in printing her writings.

    Best of luck, Fran Silverman

    By Blogger Francine, At 12:12 PM  

  • Hi Betty Jo- I suggest you self-publish with I'm doing that with Intuitive Eating, The 6th Sense Diet and they are terrific and you can print on demand plus get a fair break $$ wise. You will certainly find takers for your Grandma's interesting story in CO and that's a start! Good luck with this exciting project! <3

    By Blogger Intuitive Eating, At 4:34 PM  

  • Thanks so much, Ruella and Francine and Jane for your helpful comments! I'm researching Grandma Mayer's background, and it's taking me longer than expected. There's some information about Grandma being a descendant of one of the founders of Brown University, so I'm trying to verify that. Will keep you posted.

    By Blogger Betty Jo, At 8:28 AM  

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