Thursday, December 01, 2011

HUGO: A Love Letter to Movie Buffs

Martin Scorsese’s Hugo marks a complete change in content for this acclaimed director. As we all know, Scorsese usually deals with gritty, violent topics. In fact, my husband expressed concern over the “gratuitous NON-violence” in Hugo. And it’s Scorsese’s first 3-D movie, which I thought would make it difficult for me because my eyes don’t adjust very well to this process.

But I have to admit watching Hugo was an amazing experience for me. The incredible production design and remarkable cinematography made me feel I was right beside the young hero during his adventures in a train station clock tower back in 1931 Paris.

My friend and colleague Diana Saenger, editor/creator of Classic Movie Guide, wrote a beautiful review of this unusual motion picture, and I can’t help echoing her comment -- “Thank you, Martin Scorsese, for delivering a film we can finally savor this year.”

I particularly enjoyed the film’s section about one of cinema’s early filmmakers, Georges Méliès. Clearly, Scorsese’s new offering ends up being a love letter to movie buffs everywhere.

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