Wednesday, September 07, 2011

THANK YOU, Jane Bernard!

Everyone with a weight problem owes author Jane Bernard a big THANK YOU for her new book, Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet: Intuitive Eating. Like so many others, I’ve always had a fluctuating weight problem. How have I dealt with this situation? Not very well, I’m afraid. I’ve tried smaller portions at each meal, eating five regular meals instead of three, and even fasting -- but my appetite never subsides. My husband teases me with remarks like, “You’ll ruin your appetite by eating between bites.” That’s why I’ve found Bernard’s “intuitive eating” approach so helpful. I admire the way her book addresses our biggest eating problems, frustrations and desires, then helps us make smart choices for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Am I Really Hungry? boasts wonderful -- even philosophical -- quotations and advice as well as surprising tools for becoming an intuitive eater. No forbidden foods, calorie counting or elaborate menu planning clutter its pages. Instead, the book focuses on intuition and being in sync with your body. The author also reveals how our emotional reactions to eating can interfere with our real needs. According to Bernard, hunger is “intensely personal, which means satisfying it is individual.” By using the tools presented here along with our five senses, we can learn to know what we really want to eat by listening to our 6th sense.

Added attractions in Am I Really Hungry? include yummy recipes from celebrity chefs who agree that good chefs eat intuitively. (I can hardly wait to try Dorian Bergen’s Pumpkin Pie.)

No more traditional diets for me. After reading this book, I’ve joined the Intuitive Eating Bandwagon. And here’s another plus: Bernard writes with a breezy, appealing style that make her revolutionary book great fun to read!

(Am I Really Hungry? is available on and at

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