Thursday, August 25, 2011

Color Her Crazy

If you haven’t heard comedian Nancy Lombardo’s CD Color Me Crazy, you are really missing something! My husband and I listened to it two days ago and we’re still chuckling over the funny characters Nancy brings to life as well as the comic situations she performs in amusing one-woman skits like Spanish Movies, Tour Guide and La Mala Pepita. Plus Nancy’s singing -- even in dialects -- comes across as entertaining as her comedy. I agree with four-year old Ruby, who says, “She sings like a princess or a ballerina from the toy castle.” My favorite musical number from Color Me Crazy is “Blame It On My Mother,” and I love Tony Salvatore’s musical accompaniment throughout this unique CD.

Nancy’s humor may be irreverent at times, but it’s always creative and hilarious. In Mary Christmas, her other CD, Nancy takes on religion as “Mary” reacts to finding out she’s about to become the Mother of God. Plus we hear a bizarre tale about Kafka for Kristmas; meet Binky, a disgruntled elf; and receive a few of Nancy’s “Holiday Hints for the Home,” including some surprising uses for holy water. To me, Mary Christmas carries on the type of humor I enjoyed so much in The Life of Brian, my favorite Monty Python movie.

After listening to Color Me Crazy and Mary Christmas, I’m convinced Nancy Lombardo may be crazy -- but only, as the old saying goes -- like a fox.

For more information about Nancy and her distinctive brand of comedy, please go to

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