Thursday, May 26, 2011

Burlesque Revival

If you have no plans for the evening of May 27, why not head on down to Memorial Hall on the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk in Pueblo, Colorado? That’s where the Southern Colorado Burlesque Revival Celebration -- featuring some of the biggest names in the neo-burlesque field – is being held, beginning at 8 p.m. It should be a fun and entertaining show! Advance tickets are $12; admission at the door is $17. Go to for advance orders.

Then, if you want to find out more about traditional burlesque, check out "Pretty Things: The Last Generation of American Burlesque Queens" by Liz Goldwyn. Because of her lifelong fascination with the glamour of classic burlesque, Goldwyn spent eight years researching the topic. Her research included visiting, interviewing and becoming friends with the last generation of traditional burlesque performers. The book is absolutely gorgeous! It’s filled with wonderful photos of legendary burlesque icons as well as fascinating revelations about their personal journeys. Goldwyn has also added costume sketches, newspaper clippings, and mementoes to make her terrific book even more interesting. Pretty Things, now available for $19.95 in Trade Paperback, is published by It Books.

For more neo-burlesque fun, be sure to watch the movie Burlesque on DVD. Christina Aguilera and Cher belt out some awesome tunes in this 2010 musical. Plus the showgirls liven up the screen with their sexy, amusing, energetic routines. And, of course, the costumes dazzle viewers with lots of glitter and glitz. Which reminds me, I want to see it again!

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