Friday, January 13, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again

Here’s some good news for movie fans! The Artist will be opening nationwide in January. This charming black-and-white silent film has already won numerous awards and seems on the way to a well-deserved Best Picture Oscar nomination. The film pays homage to silent movies. Its unpretentious plot follows an iconic film actor, who refuses to adapt to “the talkies,” and deals with his relationship with a spirited young woman whose star rises as his falls -- kind of like Singin’ in the Rain meets A Star Is Born. Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo, French actors, fit their parts perfectly here.

In my opinion, this movie boasts the best ending of the year. It’s definitely a must-see, especially for fans of tap dancing (like me)!

Please don’t miss The Artist.

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  • Hey! Very interesting post!! I've always loved the classic musical Singing in the Rain! So I think "The Artist," Will be something I will really enjoy! Thanks for the tip about a great show! :) You Should Check Out My Blog! "Teenage Troubles" Its an advice column type thing! It's not just for teens! Its for anyone who needs any advice! :) thanks! Keep Blogging!
    -Lucky Girl<3

    By Blogger Anonymous, At 9:36 PM  

  • Thanks so much, Lucky Girl, for your comments about The Artist. Hope you get to see it soon! And keep up your good work with the Teenage Troubles blog.

    By Blogger Betty Jo, At 7:56 AM  

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