Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another Rave Review

Thanks to film critic R.J. Smith for posting his enthusiastic reactions to It Had To Be Us,  the romantic memoir my husband and I wrote under the pen names of Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence, on Below is an excerpt from his Five-Star review titled “The Stuff Love Is Made Of.”

A funny and original memoir, overflowing with detail from both sides of the love story. For this special romantic odyssey, Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence take turns illuminating events, often shedding light on little moments which the other person might have missed. From their initial encounter to scenes both light and heavy, it's a narrative bathed in the glow of Technicolor. The potential for a feature length motion picture is strong here. After this short love affair ends, we get some excellent appendices. Readers can indulge themselves in a tasty selection of movie treats, including well-written critiques of romantic fare such as “Music and Lyrics” and “Love Actually.”  You'll laugh and wish that all true stories could be this enchanting.

We are very happy that R.J. enjoyed our Kindle e-book! And, by the way, this month our publisher Denise Cassino has created an Anniversary Re-Launch for this novella, complete with bonus items. Just click on the link below for details and for how to access them.

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