Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Minions Poem

As an avid Minions fan, I feel guilty about not being in the audience for their latest movie, which was released last Friday, July 10. Too bad I’ve been housebound all weekend. Bummer! I hope the poem below will show these funny little creatures how much I love them.  

Minions and Me

Minions, Minions, you are stars now.
You own the screen, so take a bow.

No matter what, you make us smile
and lose our cares for quite a while.

Your latest film must be such fun!
You should be proud of what you’ve done.

You need a rest. Take off some time.
But would that be a Minions crime?

Your fans love you. We’d understand
even a spree at Disneyland.

Then come back soon to the big screen
with lots of tricks we haven’t seen!

Minions, Minions, you’re BIG stars now.

You own the screen, so take a bow!

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