Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ode to Dorothy Morris

Almost everyone who knew Dorothy Morris understood that she was smart and fearless. Personally, I knew she was smart early on because she married one of my favorite cousins, Frank Morris – or Mickey as all of his cousins called him while growing up together. And I know Dorothy was fearless too – because she married Mickey! But I also know she touched many lives. Whether at Liz’s café, which she ran for many years, or at family get-togethers, Dorothy was always a joy to talk with – and on any topic. Those are four of the many thoughts that keep going through my mind about Dorothy -- and they inspired me to write this little poem about her.

Ode to Dorothy Morris

Fearless and smart and lots of fun,
she lived her life -- with so much done.

Her family and friends galore
felt her glow and long for more.

But Dorothy leaves them all a gift.
For knowing her gave each a lift.

Her love goes on.
It can’t be gone.

Her glow shines on for those who care,
and in our hearts becomes a flare. 

Rest in Peace, dear Dorothy. You will be missed – but never forgotten.

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