Monday, June 27, 2005

Funny Magic

Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell put a spell on me with their amusing performances in “Bewitched,” Nora Ephron’s new romantic comedy inspired by the popular TV sitcom. Portraying an actor with a failing career, Ferrell made me laugh continuously, and Kidman -– looking as light and airy as cotton candy --- fascinated me in the role of a real witch who wants to be a normal woman.

Before seeing this movie, I had trouble accepting these actors as a couple, but they’re very cute together here. Both do a terrific job showing the frustrations faced by their characters: Kidman’s witch has a hard time giving up magic, and Ferrell’s self-absorbed actor wrestles with the demands of a new project which seems to be falling apart. Of course, Ferrell doesn’t know his co-star really is a witch -– and when he finds out, shortly after he falls in love with her, he goes ballistic as only Ferrell can.

I’m glad Kidman and Ferrell weren’t portraying the actual characters from the 1960s television show in this movie; they are, instead, two people who sign on to play “Darrin” and “Samantha” for an updated version of “Bewitched.” Adding to the fun are Michael Caine as Kidman’s philandering father and Shirley MacLaine as the flamboyant actress hired to play “Endora.” What a treat to see these two become an item!

Too bad this highly entertaining move ends with a dreadful sequence featuring Steve Carell, who’s usually very funny, doing a disappointing imitation of Paul Lynde’s “Uncle Arthur.” Where’s the magic in that?


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