Sunday, July 31, 2005

Cupid on the Internet

If you’re an incurable romantic like me, you must see “Must Love Dogs.” Co-starring Diane Lane and John Cusack, this engaging romantic comedy highlights the obstacles that must be overcome to find a soul mate these days as well as the key role the Internet plays in today’s dating world.

Because Sarah (Lane) has been moping too much after her divorce, her older sister puts her profile on an Internet site called Included in Sarah’s profile is this requirement for anyone responding to her ad: “must love dogs.” Ironically, Sarah doesn’t even have a dog, so when she meets her dates, she’s forced to borrow her brother’s friendly Newfoundland.

Speaking of those dates, what a riot some of them are -- one man wants to arm wrestle continuously, another weeps uncontrollably, and the worst one greets Sarah with, “I thought you’d be younger.” All this happens after she’s already been humiliated by answering her widowed father’s ad – a story, she fears, that will be “told forever at family holiday dinners.”

One of the men answering the Internet ad is Jake (Cusack). Or rather, his best friend responds for him and arranges a meeting between the two. However, Jake might be a bit too intense for Sarah. Also recently divorced, he’s looking for an epic romance like “Dr. Zhivago,” and she’s not ready for that kind of relationship. But we can tell from the chemistry between these two that they belong together.

Adapted from Claire Cook’s popular novel of the same name, “Must Love Dogs” is filled with amusing situations, witty dialogue, likable characters and tender moments. I fell in love with this film.


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