Friday, July 15, 2005

Rave Review for Susan Sarandon Book

The July 11th Book Review Newsletter from has awarded Five Stars (its highest rating) to my latest book, "Susan Sarandon: A True Maverick." Here is an excerpt from the Newsletter:

Film Critic, Betty Jo Tucker, has done a fabulous job outlining Susan Sarandon's career and life behind the scenes. In this uniquely different biography of sorts, we hear from colleagues, friends, family and other movie critics about Sarandon and her works. Tucker has done her research and includes Susan Sarandon's filmography from 1970 to 2003, websites of interest, famed movie reviews, and even a bibliography of information on Sarandon. Tucker's work is interactive as well as it provides a quiz at the beginning to test your knowledge before you delve into this expertly written bio. *****


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