Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Angela Lansbury: One of Ron Masak's Heroes

"Angela Lansbury is the Rolls Royce of show business," said actor Ron Masak during his interview on our Movie Addict HQ radio show yesterday. Ron worked with this beloved actress for eight seasons on "Murder, She Wrote" -- one of my all-time favorite television shows. He mentioned how great Angela was to work with. "She was never angry, always so generous and professional," he added. He particularly admires the way she helped rejuvenate so many actors' careers by giving them guest-starring roles in her popular series.

No wonder Ron included Angela Lansbury in his inspirational and highly entertaining book, I'VE MET ALL MY HEROES FROM A TO Z, which is filled with great stories about his interaction with famous figures from the world of sports, politics and showbiz. Ron was so much fun to talk with as he related his interesting experiences with people like Steve Allen, Elvis Presley, Buzz Aldren, Ingrid Bergman, George Burns, Ronald Reagan -- and even the Pope!

Ron's book is a fascinating read. Plus his interview on MAHQ comes across as absolutely delightful. He has a wealth of info to share. After all, he's been in 20 feature films and over 300 TV shows.

Here's a link to Ron's interview on BlogTalkRadio:

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