Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kevin Costner Lost Film Helps Gulf Coast

Would you like to view a never-before-seen Western short film featuring Kevin Costner AND help with the Gulf Coast recovery at the same time?

If so, please go to and pay whatever you choose to download Bad Day. A portion of the proceeds will go to Gulf Coast aid organizations that help people affected by the oil spill disaster in that area.

According to director Modi Frank, Bad Day was filmed in 1986 and is “a 20-minute tribute to the early days of the one-reel, silent Westerns” that also offers “an elegant and poignant soundtrack by Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Dave Alvin along with X and The Knitters drummer, D. J. Bonebrake."

It’s interesting to note that Bad Day has never been seen by the public at large. But now, people all over the world can see this classic western tale on their personal computers while helping in the recovery of the Gulf Coast area.

Looks like an offer we can’t refuse!

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