Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sounding Off about Oscar Noms

Congratulations to all of the 84th Academy Award nominees announced this morning! Some wonderful films appear on the 2011 Best Picture list – with two of my favorites right on top. Hugo earned eleven nominations, and The Artist racked up ten.

But it’s interesting to note that without nods in two sound categories, The Artist – a silent movie -- would lead the pack with ten nominations to Hugo’s nine. Of course, a movie with very little sound has no chance of competing in “sound mixing” and “sound editing.” Still, both movies are recognized in the most of the key categories – and each of them made it to my Top Ten list.

However, would it hurt the prestige of the Academy to add a comedy or two on its Best Picture list? I couldn’t help hoping that Bridesmaids or The Muppets would sneak onto that group of nine distinguished movies to liven it up.

Regarding the acting nominations, I can’t understand how Tilda Swinton and Ryan Gosling were left out. Swinton gave the best female performance of the year in We Need To Talk About Kevin, and Gosling was simply spellbinding in Drive.

Listen to more rants and raves about the Oscar nominations by clicking on the link below.

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