Friday, December 02, 2016

It Had To Be Christmas!

As a special holiday treat, showbiz stars George and Lizette Amado-Bettinger are featured this month on Movie Addict Headquarters reading the first chapter of IT HAD TO BE US, a romantic memoir co-authored by my husband and me that’s now being adapted for the screen. George and Lizette play Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence (our pen names) in this audio version of Chapter One, which deals with two important Christmases for the estranged Lawrences. How does Christmas help bring these two together after being divorced for almost twenty years? Click on the link below this post to listen in and find out!

The Bettingers are a fun couple with a passion for bringing back the Golden Era of radio on their popular “Mom & Pop Shop Show” which airs on Tune In Radio in Florida each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 p.m. Eastern Time. George is an actor, comedian, producer, writer and director. He’s won acclaim for his uncanny impressions including Groucho Marx, George Burns and the Three Stooges but may be best known as the voice of the red M&M. Lizette is a versatile actress and soprano singer with experience at the Metropolitan Opera. George and Lizette are truly Mr. & Mrs. Showbiz.

IT HAD TO BE US won first place in the Ebook category at the Hollywood Book Festival for its potential to be transferred to other mediums such as film, radio and TV. With the help of BlogTalkRadio listeners during the launch of the Kindle version a few years ago, the memoir hit Number One in the “Divorce” category for Kindle Ebooks. The memoir also caught the interest of filmmaker Misha Zubarev, who reports that the movie is now in pre-production. The screenplay is written, the casting complete and a shooting schedule -- in New York -- has been arranged.
Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence donate their author royalties from IT HAD TO BE US (published by the Long Story Short Publishing Company) to the IMAGINATION LIBRARY, a children’s literacy program sponsored by the Dollywood Foundation.
Listen to “It Had To Be Christmas" on BlogTalkRadio by clicking on the link below.

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