Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hilarious Irish Comedy

One of my favorite Irish film comedies is Waking Ned Devine. It follows two elderly Irish imps, played by Ian Bannen and David Kelly, who try to discover the identity of a lottery winner. Why? Because they have a scheme to share in the winnings, of course.

However, my inner church lady insists that I issue a warning here. If you were shocked by male nudity in The Full Monty, you will probably have the same feeling watching this black comedy. Anyone who didn’t find it funny in the former won’t in the latter. But I couldn’t help being amused by those hilarious Tully More villagers, especially the chipper postmistress, smelly pig farmer and town witch.

Just thinking about Waking Ned Devine tickles my funny bone – and I think it’s a wonderful movie for St. Patrick’s Day. The film was released several years ago, so thank heavens for DVDs.

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