Thursday, December 22, 2022

Steven Spielberg's Latest Film

                                               A young boy wants to make movies.

He dreams and schemes and makes his pleas.

His mother tries hard to help him.

But father thinks of it as whim.


He prefers practicality

Not something done as artistry.

So who will win this argument?

Spielberg directs -- and that’s a hint


THE FABELMANS appealed to me,

a movie addict, you can see.

Michelle Williams has hardest role

as the mom with a sad soul.


Paul Dano as the dad is fine.

He’s long a favorite of mine.

Each of the boys who play main part

help movie go straight to my heart.


Exciting scenes of youngster’s shots!

Who worries about major plots?

Prejudice aimed at Jews exposed

That’s important as it's disclosed.


Some more awards I see ahead

for Spielberg’s work. Mind what I said. 

Monday, December 12, 2022

Wildcat Film Poem

 FULL DISCLOSURE: Before watching the documentary WILDCAT, I had never seen an ocelot. But the minute this baby one came on screen, I fell in love.             .

I want an ocelot as pet.

But that won’t happen, want to bet?

Baby ocelots are so cute!

See WILDCAT and do not dispute. 


This documentary with heart

reveals how hard it is to part

with ocelots when they are grown.

Before WILDCAT not broadly known.


Animal lovers will be glad

  to see this film though sometimes sad.

And many will feel just like me

wanting more ocelots to see.


Sunday, November 27, 2022

TILL: A Film Poem

 A star is born in TILL, the 2022 film about the murder of Emmett Till, a rambunctious 14-year-old boy killed in Money, Mississippi, back in 1955.  Playing Emmett’s mother, Danielle Deadwyler was definitely ready for her close-ups! She becomes Mamie Till-Mobley right before our eyes. And speaking of eyes, we get to see her big sad ones in some of the most emotional scenes of the year. It motivated me to write the poem below.

A movie that matters is TILL.

It showcases a mother’s will.

After the murder of her son,

she wants the world to know what’s done.


Danielle Deadwyler plays this role 

  with pure emotion and lots of soul.

It’s tough to watch, but a must-see.

It’s cinematic history.

Friday, November 04, 2022

Ode to Angela Lansbury


Ode to Angela Lansbury


She performed to entertain us.

Drama, comedy and surplus.

Musical roles she also played.

Five Tonys gladly she displayed.  


Elegant, fun and versatile,

she often made all patrons smile.

Favorite roles? So hard to say.

Her total work will surely stay.


We thank her as a shining star.

Worldwide fans love her from afar.

We’ll close with this nostalgic word.

It’s Goodbye, Little Yellow Bird.


Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Do the Right Thing Review and Poem


DO THE RIGHT THING: Five Screenplays that Embrace Diversity

By Karla Rae Fuller

Review & Poem by Betty Jo Tucker



Get Out



 Always Be My Maybe

Those five movies do the right thing

by diversity they all bring.

The screenplays avoid common roles.

Different characters with souls

take center stage to share their hearts

and help us know new movie parts.

Screenwriters need to read this book.

It analyzes films that look

much different than you expect.   

   Readers will end up with respect.

Stereotypes are left behind.

Races and gender you will find.  

Plus, genres get a brand new flair

and reach more viewers by this dare.  

Dr. Fuller’s book encourages screenwriters to branch out and write stories that will appeal to more than white people. She picked five films that became successful and documented some of the ways each one took advantage of new approaches. Do the Right Thing, is the result. Fortunately, it’s a terrific book that should appeal to anyone interested in the movies -- but especially screenwriters or wannabe scribes.

The author’s choice of films for her book is perfect. They each won acclaim even though the writers were surprised at their success. Moonlight received a Best Picture Oscar in 2016 and Roma took home the Best Foreign Language Picture Oscar in 2018. Plus, Get Out earned Best Original Screenplay in 2017. Also, Always Be My Maybe and Mudbound were favorites among critics.          

Dr. Fuller’s credentials for writing a book like Do the Right Thing are impeccable. For example, she is an Associate Professor at Columbia College in Chicago where she teaches Cinema Studies and Screenwriting. In addition, she has done research about racial and ethnic representation in Hollywood films and postwar Japanese cinema.      

Although I helped write a screenplay for an award-winning short movie adapted from a book my husband and I wrote (under the pen names of Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence), that’s my only screenwriting experience. How I wish Do the Right Thing had been available then!

DO THE RIGHT THING: Five Screenplays that Embrace Diversity is published by Michael Wiese Productions. Available at 


Thursday, October 13, 2022

AH MUSINGS Review Poem


AH MUSINGS: My Inner Muse Let Loose

By Nancy Lombardo

Poem Review by Betty Jo Tucker


The author let her Muse break loose.

She surprises us with that ruse. 

Kaleidoscope of poems to read

How did she know it’s what we need?


Nothing missing from this project.

All things get covered with respect.

And humor pops out so we smile.

Plus thoughts and cares we read awhile.


We thank her for this gutsy move.

Reading AH MUSINGS serves to prove

nature, life, love and even death

grab our attention and our breath. 


Don’t miss this chance to understand

musings from a new poet grand. 



Available now in paperback at 

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Yo-Yo Ma's Artistry at Work

These couple of minutes listening to Yo-Yo Ma absolutely mesmerized me. So, of course, I had to write the poem below.


Lovely sounds fill the stifling air.

Who are that artist and song pair?

I hear the tune’s longing refrains

and love the way it entertains.


No lyrics needed, not this time.

They fill your brain with perfect rhyme.

“Over the Rainbow” cello plays

  by Yo-Yo Ma with wizard ways.


So beautiful, you have to try

and watch it more or you will cry.

This artistry, wondrous to hear,

deserves a poem, not just a cheer.


Watch on YouTube at this link: