Saturday, December 23, 2023

Two Christmas Poems by Film Critics






The golden princess dances upon a lake

The surface frozen as she leaves beautiful patterns in her wake.

She does not feel the cold nor mind the scene

Such movements prove she's ever so keen.


While gentle snow falls across the mire

It's a time for cheer, a place to inspire.

Remembering the joys of dancers like Gene Kelly

She moves to the sounds of her favourite telly.


A tip of the top hat for you

Every word and thought given its due.

From music soulful yet slow

I wish you a Merry Christmas, Betty Jo!







 Richard Jack Smith, a magic man,

uses words as no other can

Writing about so many things a magician who has wings.


 He demonstrates an artist’s touch.

And reading that pleases much.

Music, poems and cinema

Not a trace of hematoma


 At Christmastime, we raise a glass

o Richard for his writing class.

We hope he keeps magic going

even though the world seems snowing.

. *****

Hematoma Lament




Confusion -- where did some words go?

I’ve lost so much that I should know.

Hematoma working away.

So not a very pleasant day.


But even with it I’ll write more.

Inside my brain what’s left in store?

It takes me longer as I write.

I have to do it day and night.


Thank you for reading, my dear friends

Here’s hoping hematoma ends.





Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Barbie Film Poem


I finally saw BARBIE, which motivated me to write the following poem




In Barbie Land things stay the same.

But top Barbie has a new game.

She wants to find a certain girl.

This puts her life into a whirl.


In the Real World she’s not a Queen

In fact, most folks treat her real mean.

Men especially treat her bad.

Not like the Kens. This is so sad.   


   Friend “Beach Ken” travels with Barbie

and learns about patriarchy.

He’s tired of days just in the sand

Will he bring it to Barbie Land?


It’s fun to watch this plot unfold.

Performances seem like pure gold.

Colorful scenes shine on the screen.

And dancing almost made me scream!


It took two views for me to see

all the drama and comedy.   

Women and men equality?   

That part seems still a fantasy.


Matriarchy, patriarchy?

How will little girls know the why?

And certain scenes might make them cry.

   Confusion too on dolls don’t die.    


Cheers to Ryan Gosling as Ken.

He’s quite funny among the men.

His dances and songs I enjoyed.

But some viewers just got annoyed.


Margot Robbie sure gives her all

   as top Barbie who had first fall.

Greta Gerwig directed here.

Her many fans will think it’s dear.


Too bad this film leaves falsity

about Mattel Toy Company.

But it gives publicity too

for Barbie sales and that will do.


(Released by Warner Bros. and rated “PG-13” by MPAA. Available on Prime 


Sunday, August 20, 2023

Barbie Thoughts

I am housebound so haven’t seen BARBIE yet. My short poem is based on what I’ve heard about this new movie.


Barbie Thoughts


Barbie and Ken in a film now.

Director Gerwig, take a bow.

Margot Robbie charms as Barbie.

And Ryan Gosling’s Ken -- oh gee!  

Colors pop out of the big screen.

 Plus costumes show a special sheen.

Box Office take surprised us all.

  Can BARBIE lead into the Fall?.


(Released by Warner Bros. and rated “PG-13” by MPAA.)



Monday, July 24, 2023

Four-Star Power

Four old friends to Super Bowl go.

Their adventure makes quite a show.

They want to see Tom Brady play

and have an extra-special day.


80 FOR BRADY stars known gals

who charm us as these elder pals. 

They make us laugh and cheer them on

plus feel a tear when things go wrong.


Tomlin, Moreno, Fonda, Field

prove super talent will not yield.     


What about Tom Brady? Well, he appears as himself and that might not be enough for his fans. He also served as producer so he’s partly to blame.  Nevertheless, this offering concentrates on its four stars, and that’s fine with me.

Directed by Kyle Marvin from a screenplay by Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern, this movie should appeal to senior citizens who enjoy comedies with a bit of slapstick as well as drama.  

What Went Wrong with Grey's Anatomy?

 I finished with the 19th Season of GREY’S ANATOMY. Mixed feelings resulted as explained in the review poem below.

What Went Wrong?

A longstanding Grey’s fan I am.

Yet now I’m in an awful jam.

Grey’s Anatomy started strong.

But later many things went wrong.


Repetitive wedding messes,

although we love those bride dresses.

And killing off dear characters

caused many fans to seek others.


Plus, new intern groups got weaker

On that, I hate to be speaker. 

Catastrophes came onto stage

leaving a lot of viewers rage   


But humanity ruled the roost.

And diversity got a boost.

The actors did their very best.

Now is the time for them to rest.   


When will Season 20 appear?

Maybe on Hulu and next year.

Saturday, June 03, 2023

The Eyes Have It


The latest development in my recovery involves my eyesight. It’s  dreaded by anyone but especially film critics. So I had to write the short poem below. Although not meant to be amusing, it is a condolence to others who suffer from this serious eye condition.     


Macular degeneration

gives your eyes a weird vacation.

Now you see it, but then it’s not.

What is that blurry printed spot???


(Image from Pixabay)

Monday, April 24, 2023

Can Tom Hanks Be Grumpy?



                                            A grumpy role for Tom Hanks now.

 But he gets from me a big WOW!

This actor shows many a way

to surprise fans and make us stay.


He plays Otto in this movie.

A leading part that’s not easy.

Only slowly does he endear

his viewers who would like to cheer.6


Helping Hanks here is one stray cat

and more actors acting down pat.       

Comedy hidden in the dark,

“A Man Called Otto” leaves a spark.

(Read full review at this link: )

For Rom-Com Fans


Some marriages tend to grow stale.

“Maybe I Do” tells quite a tale.

Two couples might be breaking vows.

 But actors deserve taking bows.


Sarandon, Keaton, Macy, Gere

What a fine cast you will find here!

Plus, two young thespians surprise.

They keep things going to the prize.


It’s rom-com fans this film should please.

A different kind of movie tease.      

There’s lots of dialogue, for sure..

About true love, can it endure? 

 (Released by Prime Video and rated “PG-13” by MPAA) 

Full review at this link:.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Larry Tucker's 5 All-Time Favorite Films


My dear husband, Larry Tucker, passed away early this year and I miss him every day. He was a movie addict like me and always helped with my movie reviews by letting me know about any “elbows” that poked out before I submitted them. Plus, it was such fun to watch films together, some even many times – as movie addicts do.

Below are the five films Larry liked the best and loved watching over and over.

THE WIZARD OF OZ The last time we watched this 1939 classic, Larry said, “There’s no other movie that compares with this one. It’s perfect from beginning and end!” Then he bragged about the tornado sequence and how a black stocking played that scary storm. “Greatest special effects ever,” he added. Plus, he never got tired of watching Judy Garland deliver her wonderful performance as Dorothy Gale.      

BEST IN SHOW. No matter how many times we watched Christopher Guest’s mockumentary about dog shows, Larry couldn’t stop laughing at every scene, He loved the crazy dialogue, especially Fred Willard’s impromptu comments as a host of the occasion who knows nothing about canines or dog shows. My surprise is that this one finally overcame Guest’s previous Waiting for Guffman on Larry’s list.

RRR. This recent blockbuster from India roared right into Larry’s heart. He  even championed it for an Oscar® in every category. He didn’t live long enough to see it won for the best song, but I know he would have been cheering right along with me when that award was announced.  

SEVEN CHANCES. Buster Keaton starred and directed this silent slapstick comedy. It’s one my husband enjoyed seeing every time TCM features it on TV. However, by the end of the film, both of us have been exhausted from laughing so much. Larry enjoyed Keaton’s comic stunts playing a man who needs a lot of money to keep him out of jail. When he finds out he can inherit 7 million dollars from his grandfather if he is married on his 27th birthday by 7 p.m., which is that same day, Keaton puts an ad in a local dally. Results? Hundreds of women end up running after him in one of the greatest film chases ever.

MOULIN ROUGE! Both of us were bowled over by the sheer cinematic artistry of Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge!  But Larry was most impressed with the music, especially the singing by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. He continued to ask at any running, “How did McGregor manage to smile at Kidman while singing to her at the same time?.” The film’s touching romance also had an emotional effect on both of us.  Corny as it seems, we believed in the film’s theme. "The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

Thanks so much, dear Larry, for all the movie fun we’ve had together from the late 1940s to early 2023. I will always love you. .